What every American should know about Islam.

Equipping Christians who are called to reach Muslims for Christ, and to warn those who apreciate the freedoms found in America, before they are lost under the rule of Islam. 


The purpose of David N. Hughes Ministries is to present a factual comparison between Islam and Christianity and answer the question, is Islam and Christianity compatible, teaching Christians to fulfil the "Great Commission." To do this Christians must know how to relate to the Muslim and how to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a loving manner.
After 9/11 Islam became front page news. Christian leaders in the United States began to put forth much information about Islam. Well meaning as they were, much of the information presented was not correct and confusing at best. Muslim scholars were trying to convey Islam as a "peaceful religion" while Americans watched the World Trade Center towers burn and fall, killing over three thousand people due to the actions of Muslim terrorists.
There are a great many contradictions in the teachings of Islam. What Muslims say Islam represents (peace) and what they practice are at odds with one another. Read more

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